Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

About Temply

Temply is an on-demand labor market platform that helps employers get quick and easy access to qualified employees of their choice. Similarly, the platform helps workers get a job that suits their skills and desires, so they can work with exactly what they want, when they want and where they want – ensuring the most motivated employees.

How it Works

Workers create a profile on Temply.com. Here they indicate their profession or education, where in the country they want to work, when they want to work, and possibly minimum wage. The worker may also provide additional personal information, such as a profile description, a profile picture, previous experience, etc. 

Companies can publish jobs on the platform when they need it. Here, there will be a brief description of the job itself and what skills they need, where and when. Workers who match this, will automatically receive a notification, and can apply for the job. The company then selects the one or those applicants that are found best suited for the job.

The company finds and selects the employees that the user company wants via the app. The user company and the employee agree on their own salary, start time, duration, working hours, place of work, extension, etc. directly via the app. All agreements between the Company and the employee are completed and confirmed in the app.

The app automatically handles all the administrative tasks - such as contracts, time registration, salary payment, etc. 

General terms and conditions of the agreement

When a company or employee creates a profile on Temply.com, it means that an agreement is entered into between the user (hereinafter referred to as the user, if it applies to all users and respectively the company user or employee, when it concerns only one party) and Temply ApS, CVR 38346598 (hereinafter called Temply).  

The agreement between Temply and the user is entered into directly in the app when creating the user's profile and when the user accepts these terms and conditions, as well as other guidelines stated in the app. 

Both employees and employers are obliged to comply with rules, applicable collective agreements and internal agreements that are current in connection with any employment.

Temply reserves the right to make changes to the website, the app and these terms and conditions at any time. We will notify you about major changes in good time. As a user of the app, you accept any changes when using the app.

If you as a user cannot accept these terms and conditions, you cannot create a profile on the app. If at a later date you cannot accept any changes to the terms and conditions, the app can no longer be used. 

Requirements for workers

To create a profile as a worker, there are the following requirements:

You must:  

  • be at least 18 years of age.
  • have a tax card.
  • have a health card/health insurance card
  • have a Danish cpr.nr. 
  • have a driver's license, passport, or other valid photo ID.
  • have a work permit if the worker comes from outside the EU.  (Such a work permit does not function as an affiliation agreement. If you want a connection agreement, you can send an e-mail to: support@temply.com with the subject line: "request for affiliation agreement".

Requirements for user companies

  • Temply credit insures all user companies in a credit insurance company.
  • If the user company cannot be approved, the user company is automatically informed, and security must then be provided in another way before the user company can make use of the app.


Workers are employed as hourly-paid temporary workers at Temply and are therefore not to be considered full-time employees. The employee is not employed by the user company – however, it is the user company's insurance that covers the employee when the employee is at the workplace.   

When a worker is approved for a job by the user company, the worker is hired only within the period of time that the job lasts.

Time Registration and Payroll

Workers register the hours worked directly in the app.  The user company then approves or rejects the hours directly in the app. 

Hours must be approved or rejected by the user company no later than the Wednesday of the week following the completion of the work. If the user company does not approve or reject the hours before the deadline, the hours are automatically approved by Temply.

If the user company cannot approve the hours, a notification is sent to the employee, who can then correct any errors that may exist. In the event of non-agreement on the time registration, Temply enters into a dialogue with both parties until an agreement is reached. 

For the user company, the approved hours form the basis for invoicing. 

Other costs are added, such as pension, holiday pay, competence development fund, Fritvalgskonto, public holiday payment, sickness benefit, ATP, G-days, and administration fee, as stated in the app.

All prices are excl. VAT.

For the employee, the approved hours form the basis for salary payment with the addition of other relevant salary components, e.g., pension, holiday pay, competency development fund, Fritvalgskonto, public holiday payment, sickness benefit, ATP, G-days, etc. 

The salary for that month is paid on the last working day of the month to the bank account specified by the worker in the app. 

The pay period runs from the 20th to the 19th of a given month. This means that if, for example, a worker has a job on September 21, the salary for this job will be paid on the last working day in October.

Hourly Wage Rates

Temply pays the employee on an hourly basis with the hourly wage stated by the user company in the app. The hourly wage specified by the user company must be based on the salary normally used in the company in a similar position and/or on the collective agreement, local agreement, custom or the like used in the user company. 

If there are changes in the user company's collective agreements, local agreements, practices, etc., the user company is obliged to inform about this by correcting the hourly wage in the app. In this case, the changes only apply to future agreements with workers. 

If the company does not have its own collective agreement or local agreement, the user company must indicate the salary according to a relevant applicable collective agreement or local law

With regard to pension, working hours, rights in case of illness, termination, etc., reference is therefore made to the applicable collective agreement.

Temply always follows applicable collective agreements and is a member of relevant employers' organisations to ensure this.

If the user company specifies salary, allowances and terms in the app that do not comply with the applicable collective agreement in the area to which the work is subject, an employee can draw Temply's attention to it. Temply is entitled to investigate the situation and possibly to change the salary if justified. Temply may also make similar changes on its own initiative.  

Holidays (only relevant for worker)

As an employee, you earn holiday with holiday allowance. This means that holiday pay is paid to the holiday account.

The user company's cancellation of a job

If the user company finds out that a workday must be cancelled, the worker must be notified at least 2 hours before the agreed meeting time. At later notice, the employee receives a salary for half a working day, however, a minimum of 4 hours.

Worker's illness or absence from a job

If you as a user company experience that the worker does not show up, you must notify Temply immediately. This also applies if the employee has reported sick to the user company.  

If you as an employee have taken on a job and have since become ill, this must be reported to Temply as soon as possible (DK +4570258741 SE: +46 8 400 669 70) so that it is possible for the user company to find another solution.

If the illness occurs a few hours before the start of the job, it is important that Temply is contacted by phone as soon as possible on the number: 70258741. You can call during opening hours, which are 6:00-17:00 Monday - Friday, and 12:00-16:00 Saturday + Sunday.

As an employee, your sick leave is registered in the app. 

Try and hire

If the user company wants to hire the temporary worker permanently, it can be done in one of the following 2 ways:

1. After a temporary worker has worked 480 working hours via Temply, the candidate can be freely employed permanently by the User Company and thus relieved of his obligations to Temply. 

2. If the user company wishes to hire a temporary worker on a permanent basis before the temporary worker has worked 480 working hours via Temply, Temply may invoice the company for a recruitment fee equal to 1 month's salary. 

Deviations from this must be agreed individually between the User Company and Temply.

Jobs abroad (only relevant for worker)

Workers are not allowed to take on jobs abroad while working via the app, as this may result in costs for Temply in the form of social security costs abroad. 

This agreement therefore automatically terminates if the employee takes jobs abroad. The employee is obliged to reimburse any expenses that Temply may incur if Temply nevertheless incurs expenses in this connection. 

Expulsion from the app 

Temply reserves the right to delete users in the following cases: 

  1. If the worker fails to show up for a job for no reason or no valid sick notice. 
  2. If a user company does not pay despite repeated reminders.
  3. If a user company does not comply with applicable employment laws, including rules on working environment.
  4. If there is a suspicion that the user in his main occupation is in competition with Temply. 

For points 1-3, the user is generally deactivated from the platform for three months, and the user can then request to have the profile activated again. It is solely Temply's decision whether a profile can be re-activated. 

Payment terms (only relevant for user companies) 

The user company is invoiced weekly with a 14-day net payment deadline.

In the event of late payment, interest shall be calculated at the rate of 2% per month commenced from the due date.


The app contains user-generated content in the form of ratings of both workers and companies. These are solely the assessments of each other by individual workers or employers and are not verified or approved by Temply.

Ratings work as a rule without interference from Temply. However, if the worker believes that a bad rating is unjustified or incorrect, Temply can be contacted at any time to check whether the rating is justified. Temply reserves the right to change/remove a rating. However, this will only take place in very special cases.

Personal data

If you want to know more about our use of personal data, you can read our personal data policy on the website. 


The app has a support team that is ready to help every weekday between 06:00-17:00. 

If you as a user have good ideas or feedback for the App, you are very welcome to send these to support@temply.com, so we continuously ensure the optimal development of the system. 

Temply is your solution when you need the best temps. We use technology to create meaningful relationships and a good work ethic. You control who to hire for your specific job while we take care of the paperwork and ensure proper terms. Easy, simple and digital!


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